Get Fit with Forca

The first fitness app to incorporate diet, supplementation, exercise, and personal training into one easy and convenient app.

“We’re on a mission to make your fitness journey easier and more fun, using advanced tracking tools, and helping you make healthier choices.”

~ Mark Arceneaux – CEO

Integration with Fitness Tech

Forca is working with industry leaders to create the most robust and complete solution available in today’s ever-changing fitness market.

Developed alongside SCiO, the first molecular sensor that fits in the palm of your hand. SCiO reads the chemical make-up of materials. It is a non-intrusive, no-touch optical sensor that provides a seamless user experience.

Smart Diet Scale’s superior patented technology makes them the only smart food scale in the world that gives consumers the ability to weigh their entire meal at once with its patented 4 sensor quadrants.

Using the most modern motion tracking SDK’s available in the market today, we are working hard to give users and trainers the best experience possible through seamlessly integrated wearables.


Search our database of trainers to find the one that’s right for you. Each trainer has their own unique workouts and meal plans for their clients. Don’t want a trainer but don’t know where to start? Search our plans database and find the one that’s perfect for you!

Zack King Khan
Zack King KhanIFBB Pro Bodybuilder
I’ve been in the bodybuilding world for over two decades. Over the years I’ve had face to face clients as well as online clients. After testing out the Forca app it was a no brainer to me that this tool is what fitness professionals need.
Jared M.
Jared M.Beta Tester
I’ve always been into fitness, but there was something keeping me from getting the results I wanted. After beta testing the Forca app I can say having someone guide me and follow my progress really helped me be more accountable.
Dr. Kwaz
Dr. KwazPublished M.D. / Professional Trainer
Learn the Power of Nutrition and how it can help you and your family fight cancers and disease. Learn easy, effective ways to implement Health & Fitness into your daily routine.


Check out what people thought of the Forca App, when they got a quick preview of the features at the Mr. Olympian expo this past October.

Exercise Smarter

Schedule all fitness related events or have an expert do it for you! Collaborate with a trainer over video calls and chat, or take your fitness into your own hands.

Track Nutrition

Accurately measure your portions and get exact nutritional information to log your serving sizes. You can even analyze the nutritional data on a molecular level!

Analyze Supplements

Track every aspect of your fitness as you log supplements and their nutritional data. Think your protein powder is amino spiked? Use SCiO to analyze for amino acid profiles!

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